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How to Save a Marriage

How to save a marriage is something which is really important in a broken marriage. But before knowing about how to save a marriage , first of all, let's find out the definition of the marriage itself.

Marriage is a social union or legal contract that is celebrated or performed by a couple with the intention of formalizing the relationship based on religious norms, legal norms, and social norms. The wedding ceremony has many types and variations according to the tradition of race, religion, culture, and social class.

Marriage is like a school, a long-term education. Marriage is a place where you and your spouse will adjust to each other. The goal of marriage is not only to take and give the pleasure, but also it can make us to be a better human beings, and create a solid relationship.

Many people think that getting married would resolve conflicts in the relationship just like when they were still in a courtship. For the example, by getting married, the husband will not glance at the other woman. Or perhaps the wife will not be wasteful again. In other words, the marriage will work in harmony and free from the conflicts. Unfortunately, marriage will not always run easily and smoothly. In fact, 100 percent of marriages will be hit by the trouble. No matter whether it is a small problem or a big one.

No one can predict the fate that will occur to a person, including in term of marriage. There are people who have a marriage in just a short period. Meanwhile, there are even more tragic than that. Today they get married, divorced the next day. Whereas their courting period has lasted long enough.

In a marriage, a lot of new characters that are not found in the courtship period will appear. If one or both of you are intolerant, then it will bring the marriage to the failure. If you feel shocked or surprised to your spouse who start behaving strange or rude, do not quickly make a decision to divorce.

And now the question is how to save a marriage from the threat of divorce?

How to Save a Marriage - How Marital Conflict Began

You need to know that married couple will generally experience four stages of the conflicts:

1. Stage One

Conflict actually can be assumed as the differences of opinion that followed by anger and disappointment. This conflict can be said as a beginning of normal conflicts which will be experienced by the couple. Surprisingly, this conflict also has been experienced by the couple since the first night of marriage for various trivial things.

As the love feeling that is still huge on each other, causing this conflict only be taken lightly, and will not reduce the sense of love to one another. The differences of argument will end easily because one partner will succumb and follow in her/his spouse's wishes. Moreover, any issues also quickly disappear simply because they are afraid to communicate it. They worried that it may be able to trigger their spouse's anger. A stigma that a happy marriage is a marriage that is free from conflicts has made many couples choose to succumb on their partner instead of making a bigger problem.

2. Stage Two

Conflict at this stage usually begins in the early years of marriage. On this stage, the couple will be more expressive in communicating their emotions and desires. At this level, women usually prefer to communicate their feelings through explicit body language, just like quipping, grumbling, or show a dislike expression.

On this stage, the couple also begin to show disagreement by doing destructive things, such as breaking properties, or even physical violence.

3. Stage Three

The conflicts at this level have already made one partner think to glance at the other man/woman. Quite often they finally start looking for an escape and take a shelter to a person who can give convenience for them. And as a result, it will become an infidelity.

On this stage, an infidelity is not the only option for the spouse to escape. Another method to escape from the marital conflicts is to be a workaholic. They feel happier working at the office rather than being at home. Sometimes people try to escape by engaging themselves in various activities so that they do not have to meet their spouse too often at home.

4. Stage Four

This period is the most severe level in a marriage. The conflicts at this level have entered in the divorce stage. Because considering its condition, the marriage is too difficult to be maintained and fixed. Unless with self-introspection and being honest to each other, the couple will need a miracle to be able to fix the relationship.

How to Save a Marriage - Why Need a Marriage Expert

Many ways to do to fix a broken marriage. The easiest way is by doing a self-introspection and contemplation, whether bad and rude behavior of the spouse is due to their dissatisfaction with our services for all this time, or dozens of life burden that must be borne by them. Since the issues that cause a bad behavior of the spouse appear suddenly and unexpectedly.

If the dialogue and communication have deadlocked, you should immediately consult with a marriage expert to find the right solutions.

Why need a marriage expert?

In order to answer this question, it may be easier if we compare it with the business. Business is not always going well. There are certain periods where business development is not as expected, or even worse, it is declining. When experiencing like this condition, there are several options. Let it be and do hope that one day it will go better by itself, or do the corrective actions.

With regards to the corrective actions, there are several alternate options. If you think that you have enough knowledge and experience, then you can do the corrective actions by yourself. But if you realize that your knowledge and experience are not enough to solve it, it would be wise to ask your business mentor, looking for a solution to the people who are more experienced, or you can ask for help from a professional consultant.

This situation is also similar to the method on how to save a marriage . There must be a time where a critical issue has to be faced by the couple. If you aware that you have enough knowledge and experience, then you can do the corrective actions by yourself. But if you don't, it would be a good idea to seek help, as it happened to the business. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to do it.

Just like the business, when getting marital problems and it is not fixed soon, just wait for the time till your marriage will be broken. Take the necessary actions to fix it immediately, ask for help from a trustworthy marriage expert.

How to Save a Marriage - Conclusion

If you or your spouse objected asking for help from a marriage consultant, now there is a how to save a marriage online program called Save My Marriage Today. It's a fantastic course that covers all the essential aspects of a healthy marriage.

Save My Marriage Today! The Premium Home Study Course includes programs for specific marriage issues, such as saving your marriage when your spouse has depression, saving your marriage from money problems, saving your marriage when your spouse has cheated, how to change your spouse from addiction, etc. Even if your spouse doesn't care about your marriage any more.

Do not wait any longer. Do not let your marriage ruined because you don't take action to save your marriage today.

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