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4 Warning Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity can be described as an awful trust betrayal that have big consequences on the relationship sooner or later. Suspecting but not knowing is the only thing which is more frustrating than figuring out that your spouse has been unfaithful. This is a problem that will destroy the marriage. The following are 4 major warning signs of infidelity to watch for and act on if you have this problem starting to ruin your life.

1. Suspicious Messages and Phone Calls

Everything that related to anonymity is one of the most suspicious activities. You are unable to find out a person who is on the other line when on the phone. Your spouse perhaps still receive or send messages and making phone calls to their lover. When it is associated with infidelity, it can be a warning sign that she/he is trying to hide something from you each time she/he appear oddly on the phone.

2. Inconsistent Stories

Any person who are involved with infidelity is a bundle of hormones and emotions that are trying to live a double life. This will create the need to lie about what they are doing or where they have been, and sooner or later they will slip up. You need to ask the reason why your spouse lied to you when you can find the proof that all the stories he/she already has told do not match up with the reality. And maybe this is a warning sign that your spouse has involved in infidelity.

3. The Records Cleaning

Infidelity could leave signs in many different places from mobile phone devices to personal computers in this modern age if you care to know. Text messages, phone calls, internet website histories, e-mail, and many more. You might find a hint in his/her absence if you have not discovered any kind of infidelity signs through these digital footprints. A careful cheater will certainly clean all of the records as quick as he/she can to hide his/her tracks. Usually it seems so suspicious on the process to make his/her digital records so clean. He/she can be very careful and sometimes he/she trip himself/herself up, so you must be aware to this warning sign.

4. Follow your Intuition

There are lots of warning signs of infidelity in the end. However it depends upon your own knowledge and belief of your spouse if the signs without concrete proof. Do not ignore your intuition when you have not discovered any of some other signs and still feel unsure for some niggling reasons which your spouse has told. Find the truth and follow your own intuition, or it will haunt and poison your relationship. Do not let the infidelity fester in your marriage.

Be aware of these signs of infidelity . You have to try to pursue all of these signs and reveal the truth when they crop up enough. Then free yourself from suspicion and anxiety.


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