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Causes of Divorce

Causes of divorce . Harmonious marriage is a dream for each couple. However, when there is no longer compatible, divorce is often regarded as the best path.

Marriage life for a couple is certainly not an easy matter. Because in marriage, there will be many temptations and problems that will become the causes of divorce. When couple not able to resolve the problems, it is very often the divorce decision is forced to be taken.

Divorce is the end of a marriage. When the couple does not want to continue their marriage, they can ask the government to be separated.

During the divorce period, the couple must decide how to divide their property that acquired during the marriage (like a house, car, furniture or contract), and how they receive costs and responsibility to treat their children. Many countries have laws and rules on divorce, and the couple could be required to go to court.

What Exactly the Causes of Divorce?

The causes of divorce are as following reasons:

1. Disharmony in the Household

The above reason is the most often reason expressed by the couple who are getting divorced. Disharmony could be due to many things, such as the financial crisis, moral crisis, and the presence of a third person. In other words, the harmony term is too general so it requires a more detailed breakdown.

2. Moral Crisis and Character

Besides disharmony in the household, divorce is also often caused by moral crisis and character, which can lead to neglect of responsibility by either husband or wife, unhealthy polygamy, assault, harassment and other bad behavior performed by a husband or wife, such as drunkenness, adultery, a crime, even debts.

3. The Affair

In addition, other problems that can lead to divorce is the affair, which is a sexual relationship outside of marriage are performed by either husband or wife. People often overlook the role of faithfulness and trust given by their spouse so that incurred an affair.

A marriage that was hurt by the affair can be saved, but only with tremendous efforts.

4. A Loveless Marriage

Another reason that is often raised by couple to end a marriage is that their marriage has lasted without based on a love. To overcome the difficulties due to a loveless marriage, the couple should reflect deeply to understand the real problems, also should attempt to try to create a partnership in generating the best decision.

In this particular case usually occurs because of the demands of the parent who require their son or daughter to marry with someone who had been determined, so that after experiencing domestic life the couple often do not have a match.

5. The Existence of Problems in Marriage

In a marriage definitely cannot be separated from the problems. Problems in marriage are a commonplace, but a protracted squabble and cannot be reconciled back automatically will be followed by sleeping separately such as the existence of an affair between husband and wife

Causes of Divorce - The Impacts of Divorce and Solution

Divorce is a difficult process for the couple. Due to divorce, they could be hurt physically and emotionally. Divorce often causes distress for every couple. The children that were born from their marriage could also feel sad when their parents get divorced.

Actually there are a lot of solutions to the causes of divorce that mentioned above. But it's all up to each individual who live their lives.

Many resources can help to resolve the causes of divorce, like family, friends, therapy, consultants, books, and DVDs.

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