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Causes of Infidelity

The most important problem for people who are in a relationship is that the person that they love have already been unfaithful again to them. For many of you, this kind of issue could grow so big that you are not able to enjoy the moment you have together. You will begin stalking your partner, reading their e-mail, keeping a close eye on them, and asking them with unwanted questions.

However, you are not absolutely wrong. Therefore, rather than allowing jealousy to take control of your life, it would be wise to know about the causes of infidelity from the beginning. Only using this information, you are able to investigate successfully once you feel everything is in place.

Causes of Infidelity - Emotional Factor

The most general causes of infidelity for men and women is the emotional factor. When a couple start to live separately, perhaps due to of their work and their activities, or simply because they don't have the sense of love to their partner any longer, they will not have any reasons to keep their faithfulness anymore.

Finally, it can lead to an emotional urge and physical signs to be close to the others. They wish to replace that relationship and discover a person that they can be close with. Therefore, it usually results in infidelity as well as producing a second relationship. Even though the relationship has not died completely, one of them might think that she/he has been ignored within the relationship or perhaps she/he has been slighted by the other's work or activities. These people feel they are worthy of attention, so they will look for it out from whoever can provide it.

The other emotional factor that become the cause of infidelity is the disappearance of self-confidence. When the marriage has reached 20 or more years, people will certainly start to believe that there couldn't be other people in the world that might be attracted to them. Through infidelity, they could increase their self-esteem and think that their youth has returned. This is actually a dangerous problem for the marriage which usually often caused by deficiencies in self-control and unhealthy emotions.

Causes of Infidelity - Physical Factor

Emotional factor is not the only causes of infidelity. People basically have the physical desire to be close to the opposite sex. The desire for having sex is really strong for humans, although our emotions frequently cover it up. When a relationship is getting worse and very little time is spent together with each other, that desire could get bigger until it is acted upon with the other.

Maybe for a few people, they have a fundamental addiction to sex, that causes them to look for as much sexual partners as possible they can. This problem is included both an emotional and physical factor, and it only can be treated by using counseling. This type of addiction could be handled exactly like any other treatment.

How to Handle Infidelity

Something to be understood regarding infidelity is that generally it gets started because the relationship between a couple starts to be broken . The lack of time together with each other and there is not any attention between two people can worsen the situation. And after some time, it can be much more difficult to feel fulfilled. It does not mean become a reason for anyone to be unfaithful to their partner, however it will help provide information exactly why it occurs.

Before thinking the worst regarding your spouse, just make sure to deal with him/her about the emotional parts of your marriage. Ask him/her if he/she is satisfied has spent his/her life with you, and try to find methods to revive the fire which first brought both of you together. Sometimes, by dealing with the growing chasm between the two of you, infidelity will never happen in your life.


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