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How to Fix a Broken Marriage by Leaving The Spouse Alone

By reading the title above, you must be confused and think - how to fix a broken marriage by leaving our spouses alone ? Is it possible that it will succeed? Whereas in fact, what really you want is to be close to her/him, conversing with her/him, and get her/him back as soon as possible. Regarding to this, I will explain later.

I am convinced you never imagine that your marriage will end up as a broken marriage. None of us expects to be in a hard position like this. However, there are ways about how to fix a broken marriage , and it will save you from divorce or something you did not expect.

How to Fix a Broken Marriage?

The communication between you and your partner should remain open. Yeah, that's right. But there is a method that may according to the most of you is a bit odd. A method that I got from a marriage relationship expert who has successfully reunited around 6000 people. So this is a proven successful method .

Why you need to keep a little distance to your partner?

Actually it has two positive effects:

The first, it will cause your spouse starting to miss you. With a bit of distance between you two, your partner will start to think of you and recall the beautiful things that you have ever done together.

The second, the time when you are separated from your partner is actually a moment where you have to do something that is very useful on how to fix a broken marriage , ie. writes a list of all your problems . Yeah, that's right, time to make a confession. Put yourself in a fairly quiet place, do not look at social networking sites, e-mail, or else. Take at least an hour and make the following list:

• What have you done that resulted in damage to your marriage relationship.

• What never have you done before so that it makes your marriage to be complicated.

• How you hurt your partner or did not support her/him.

• A lot of promises you might have made and then continually broken.

• Sensitive things that you have said, and it feels cruel to your partner.

• The lie you have told to your partner.

• Negative feelings that you have with regards to your marriage.

Now, I really hope you are honest and able to show some of the things you have done or never have you done before which have destroyed your marriage and your relationship. You might be wondering, what's the point of making a confession list like this? Well, it is the first step in figuring out how to fix a broken marriage .

If you are humbly able to acknowledge your mistakes and admit that you really need your spouse, you are on the right track on how to fix a broken marriage .

I forgot to mention that the only person who can view this list is you. Do not put it on just any place so that your spouse cannot find it.

One more thing that you can do when you are away from your partner is trying to do make over on yourself, buy new clothes, doing health and fitness, as well as lose a few pounds of your weight. By doing this, you will feel amazing. Your view on yourself and your marriage will begin to grow into a more positive way.

So now imagine for a second when you truly start to communicate and meet your partner. The hope is when your partner has already missed you, then you come up with a condition that looks better than before. Your partner will be surprised by the change on you and see how you already been to be someone who has a passion for life and full control over your life.

After you do all the steps above, it is time for the next step. Come and talk to your partner from the heart to heart, do apologize in the right way.

Confess to your partner how you have contributed to destroy your marriage and never do anything that could fix your broken marriage . Remember to the list you have made and speak truthfully from your heart.

Explain how this has made you feel devastated and disappointed at yourself. Acknowledge that your partner should feel angry and resentful towards you. This will give your spouse a chance to reveal to you about the frustration that had been experienced by her/him.

Is This Method About How to Fix a Broken Marriage Will Succeed?

Yes, of course. But keep in mind that this is only one small step of the whole process you have to do. If the way to get your spouse back is just by using this one small step, there will be no broken marriages as much as it is today.

Do not try to experiment by using this technique on your own, but make sure that you already have a working plan from a marriage relationship expert that will guide you at every step. Copy and learn from the thousands of people who have already done successfully. Others have been able to get it done, so you also should be able to do.

I do realize that sometimes there is a situation where your spouse has decided to leave you. If you want your spouse back to you, the following information will really help you to know how to fix a broken marriage. Please visit this page now to save your marriage today .


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My marriage is over many years ago, my husband is continuously seen this women for 11 years but the problem is i still love him very much i want too fix this marriage.

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