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How to Fix a Broken Relationship

There are some specific reasons why you really want to know how to fix a broken relationship today. You may feel that your relationship is slowly falling apart, and a divorce was inevitable. Or maybe you've been divorced with your spouse and you are looking for a solution to get back together as before. You want to fix the relationship between you and your partner and hoping that your relationship is restored. Yet somehow, you feel everything has changed.

Maybe you're here not only want to know how to fix a broken relationship . You are here also because you want your partner or your ex back in love to you again. You want the presence of a new beginning, and you want your partner or your ex gives you the attention, love and the respect you should get. Because you are the only person in the couple who reads this article, then you are the only one who feel very distressed and who feel most worried about the circumstance of your relationship now. Not your partner or your ex.

Due to constantly think about how to fix a broken relationship , you find it difficult to sleep at night or it's hard to cope with daily life. It can even reduce your appetite. Regardless of anything that occurred between you and your partner, or whoever that you think should be responsible for this problem, there is always another open door to a new beginning.

You feel that your relationship was drowning during the last couple of weeks, and since you do not really know what to do, then you certainly do not do anything. In order to understand the steps that you need to take to find out how to fix a broken relationship , I want you to realize first the differences between you and your partner or your ex at this time.

Role in the Effort of How to Fix a Broken Relationship

In this case, you are as a pursuer. Now you are the only person in the couple who want a commitment, feel very afraid to be abandoned. You are the most impulsive. Even though you are ready to take big risks in order to fix a broken relationship, at this time you are the one who lacks of confidence in yourself. You do not know what to do.

Meanwhile, your partner or your ex is the one that is being pursued. Have no fear of rejection, want the free space without your presence, do not want to tell her/his feeling for now, do not want to contact you, give you a short answer when asked, and really do not mind to lose touch with you. Even, she/he may tempt the others publicly in front of you, looking at you in a different way, and less attention. Could be a workaholic. Always blame you for the problems that occurred all this time.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship - The Dynamics

The dynamics of the relationship are very unhealthy at the current circumstance for the pursuer, or in this case is you. This vicious circle is rarely see the end. The more you chase your partner or your ex to improve the relationship, the more she/he fled away. So how to fix a broken relationship like this one?

One thing I know is that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, then you cannot expect the different results. It is very humane if you want something that you cannot reach. If you are committed to fix a relationship, but your partner or your ex does not want to, you will not be able to change her/his mind simply by begging, crying, or even by making unnecessary mistakes.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship - Reverse the Situation

A powerful method to start repairing a broken relationship just like this circumstance is by reversing the situation. This is actually the first step that will not only give you a great advantage, but also ease your burden at a certain level. If you two just broke up, actually this is a good start. Yes, it is. Now you can stop making the mistakes, regain your self-confidence, and proceed by your own rules. If you feel a divorce is coming soon, be the first to prosecute the divorce . Assume it as a temporary separation in order to get her/him back. But of course do not tell your partner that it's only temporary.

Acknowledge that your old relationship with your partner has ended, and start doing specific things that can make your partner or your ex feel that she/he is the one who is rejected. Bring your partner or your ex out of the comfort zone. Make your partner or your ex turned to chase you. Make her/him want you back and fall in love once more to you.

But how? Find the methods here .

Finally, once you discover the way how to make your partner or your ex fall back in love to you, then you will be able to fix the broken relationship soon.

Conclusion of How to Fix a Broken Relationship

Men and women have a different thinking when it comes to love and relationship. And for this reason, men and women have different ways to trigger the attention, respect, and love. It is actually easier than you think to get your partner's love back if you know exactly what to do next.

How to fix a broken relationship? Discover the secrets and the answers more right here .


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