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How to Overcome Communication Problems in Relationships

Communication problems in relationships are a main reason behind unsuccessful marriages, ruined dreams, and broken hearts. To ensure that your marriage and relationship do not crash and burn because of these problems, you have to build good communication skills within them. This is actually the first step on the process to create happy marriage and relationship. Good communication within marriage and relationship is depending on 3 primary skills of communication that can be found below:


Do you think you have explained what you said clearly? You better think and check again. Ensure that your partner does indeed understand what you mean. Maybe you can try to record the conversations you have with your partner or with family, and after that transcribe it. And when you see exactly what is written down, you will realize why you have some communication problems in relationships . Many of us are very lazy with our thoughts and explanations. We drop the sentence half-finished and think our partners could complete it by themselves. Often they did. However, don't be amazed when they end it completely different than what you supposed to be.

For example, you say, "Darling, could you take that trash out ...?" (which means today before the garbage truck gets there). What he thinks, "Sure, I will take that trash out tomorrow." Unless you're married with a super psychic human, never do expect your spouse becoming a mind reader. Get clarity within your words and mind. And remember, this situation must work in both directions. Be sure to check that you have clearly understood what your spouse is asking and communicating.


The experts confirm exactly what the army have known for many years, in which minds thrive on the clear and specific orders. It is actually similar to marriage and relationship. You need to communicate to your spouse when you have a specific demand. It's not recommended for saying, "On this weekend, why don't we spend our time together by visiting somewhere nice", and then you protest and complain when he takes you into Pizza Hut.

It can save big time when you could say, "This weekend I would really like to get away only the two of us, so we can get in touch in intimacy. Maybe we can go to Lake Bla Bla Bla on Saturday night, and reserve a room in that sweet little resort, The Amour Inn, on Highway 96. We're going to take a bottle of champagne, order foods, and a romantic dinner by candlelight." When you can clearly and more specific in expressing about your feelings, thoughts, and desires, then the less possibility there are any communication problems in relationships .


Honesty in communication requires being honest with yourself first. It involves self-knowledge that comes from how you think and act. By observing your mind and your emotions, you can build greater viewpoint. From this greater viewpoint, you could be absolutely honest on your own. By using this greater self-understanding, you will be able to understand other people much better. And then you will have the ability to communicate kindly and honestly.

Honesty needs always to be applied in the kindness and love for the relationship to be able to thrive. Actually there are ways of becoming honest without bringing pain to other people. This kind of honesty will certainly end a lot of the communication problems in relationships.


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