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Marital Problems

Unhappy marriages are more happening than happy marriages. Many marriages looked happy from the outside, but from inside the marriages were seized with a lot of marital problems . A happy marriage is possible. But long-lasting happiness, for most people is just a myth.

There are many problems that cause marriage becomes unhappy. Most of the marital problems are the spouse who is addicted to drugs, feel insecure, an affair , the spouse often get drunk, unstable financial conditions, and psychological problems.

An affair and financial issues are the main cause of the marriage relationship collapse. Followed by drug addiction, alcoholism, and more. Marital problems from the smallest to the largest are endless to be discussed. The problems mentioned above are the most common issue in a marriage for now.

Marital Problems - Half of the Marriage End In Divorce

There are cases where marital problems are causing the suppression of individual rights of each couple. When it happened, the couple finally apply for a divorce. It should not be happening. Couple as much as possible need to try to save their relationship.

Half of all marriages end in divorce, while the other half is a mixture of misery, unpleasant relationship, sadness, betrayal, and of course a little of happiness. The point is that marriage is not for someone who are childish minded. Long lasting happiness is something that is very difficult to achieve.

This article looks like anti toward a marriage. But in a marriage, the reality is not beautiful enough for your imagine. By ignoring the actual reality will not change it. If you want to have a chance to save your marriage , you must try to face some marital problems which for some people are too difficult to overcome.

Marriage is a process, which is a cycle of give and take in a relationship that never ends. Couples need to be understanding their responsibilities as part of the most important unit of society. Because marriage is a process, couples need to work together to find solutions to their marital problems.

People can be very stressful because they do not know how to face their marital problems. Couples must have a commitment, so that they can live together in a long time. When the couples have already known how to solve the marital problems and can survive in a long time, then they had been successfully through all the trials in their marriage.

Five Reasons That Cause Marital Problems

You need to find the causes of your marital problems and ask yourself how could you face the problems better. Your marital relationship may not be increased to get better.

These are five common reasons that cause the rise of many marital problems:

1. You may be married for a wrong reason. Many people who get married for this reason. It could be because of a lie, matchmaking, or accident, so that you and your spouse do not have a clear goal in your marriage.

2. Most people only see from one side regardless of the spouse side. They are convinced that they are on the right side. In other words, most people want their spouse to change so that they could be happier.

3. Rarely found a couple who are both interested in self-development, which is necessary to grow their personalities in order to go beyond the limitations of themselves and the problem itself. Where you are now and what you already have today is the result of your thoughts in the past. To grow beyond this point, you need to learn new things, including renew your marriage relationship.

4. A marriage will not work for people who are not self-disciplined and compassionate. That's why so many marriages end in divorce nor a source of suffering for those who feel trapped in it. If you can find someone who has always been friendly to her or his spouse, the marriage may be the best thing that ever obtained. However, this rarely happens. And most people are more concerned about their own condition, more concerned about what's on television, or what they had in the bank than concerned for their spouse.

5. Probably you and your spouse spend more time doing something else than stay together with each other. Watching television, working, hanging out with friends, shopping, playing video games, surfing the internet, chatting, or doing other things outside of your marriage, than spending time together with your spouse. This is what can cause your marriage to be unhappy. And unhappy marriage must be fixed soon before it causes stress, pain, disaster and suffering.

How to Solve Marital Problems?

Try to check yourself first. Do the marital problems that occur in your marriage always end up into an argument? Does it still possible for you both to stay together? Is divorce the only solution to your marital problems?

You can certainly fix any marital problems that occurred, as long as you and your spouse have a strong desire and willing to work together to fix it. The first step is make sure you want to save your marriage and then determine whether your marriage can be saved or not.

If you are unable to overcome the marital problems, then you cannot save your relationship. If you want to save your marriage, think about these issues and try to resolve them without the need to be ashamed or blame others.

If you and your spouse can realize that these marital problems are something that occurs naturally and can be solved, and willing to work together to solve them, then you have just found a myth of the happy marriage that has been lost.

Think about it, and then find the right way for your life and your relationship.

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