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Rebound Relationships After Divorce

Rebound relationships after divorce advice, have you been searching for it recently? You want your ex back and perhaps your ex is in a relationship on the rebound now. You are wondering whether this is the right time to date again since you have experienced a recent breakup.

What are Rebound Relationships After Divorce?

It is normal to feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster when you go through a relationship breakup. We all react to a change differently because a breakup is a huge change in your life. You can experience varied emotions from sadness to depression and anger. Basically, relationship breakup is a grieving process in your life.

It leaves an emotional gap in your life when you separate from your partner, whether it is a marriage , a long-term relationship or just a dating relationship. And you feel the urge to fill this gap as soon as possible. Your self-esteem and confidence will be low. Maybe you feel that nobody will love you again just like before. In a simple term, you are looking to replace the friendship and companionship that have lost.

When a person takes an interest in you while your self-esteem and confidence is lower than usual, it will give you a boost. This is a chance for you to have a few casual dates and commit to a more physical relationship when you are still grieving emotionally. This is when rebound relationships take place.

Nobody knows whether rebound relationships after divorce are doomed to fail or not. There have been no major studies about it. Despite statistics bandied around, quoted statistics state that between 60-90% of rebound relationships are doomed to fail. However, seemingly these numbers are plucked from thin air. Sometimes though, you do get feel for average results and numbers when you have advised or worked with many people. It is quite possible that the guides get their figures by basing on the facts that are relevant to their knowledge field.

There is a study that has been published by Princeton University in 2006 related to rebound relationships after divorce. It is On the Rebound: Time to Remarriage and Subsequent Union Stability. The data is studied from National Survey of Families and Households. Reading this report on the first glance would indicate that rebound relationships after divorce can actually work out.

When taking a look at the real data, it is evident that the rebound relationships after divorce are not always come good. The majority of time that is required after divorce to remarrying is around 5 years. These people were dancing down the aisle with new people straight away and they were hardly divorcing.

The study above only looks at remarriage and divorce rates. That is another thing to consider. It cannot apply to cohabiting relationships, dating, or long term relationships, simply because this information was not collected.

Do We Really Know About Rebound Relationships After Divorce?

All we can go on is our knowledge about psychology and human behaviour. We know that after a divorce, our self-esteem and confidence is at a low, and we are grieving a loss. Before actually splitting up, it is also possible that you have done your grieving. This is more likely occur in marriages and long-term relationships that have been rocky for sometime.

We can jump into unsuitable relationships to satisfy the need of human nature who want to crave companionship. Whether on the rebound or not, an unhealthy relationship is doomed to failure.

Tip on avoiding the rebound relationships that are not suitable for you is quite simply by providing yourself the opportunity to grieve the breakup. If anyone offer you a friendship and companionship, then accept it immediately. When anyone said that you look good, don't make a commitment or jump into bed so quick. It does not mean that you are over your ex if you are getting over the grieving process, it just that emotionally you are ready to move on.

So When is the Right Time to Start Dating Again?

Actually there is no timetable that you have to follow. We are all individual. Just give yourself the time and space and to get your emotions back under control. You can decide rationally if you want to start dating again when you are content with yourself.

Don't panic if your ex is in a rebound relationship and you want them back. As mentioned above, it is human nature to seek out friendship and companionship. A new relationship on the rebound period does not always mean that your ex is over you. Try to hunt them down and split up the new relationship. Those are the worst thing that you can do. Entrust yourself that you can still get your ex back once again from a rebound relationship.

We are not merely averages and statistics. That is the final thing to remember. We all deal with breakups and change in our own way. And it is the best way for getting advice to help you through the rough times.


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