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Facts About Unhappy Marriage and How to Deal with It

There are so many things that can happen in a marriage. It can grow stronger, or it can turn into an unhappy marriage . So many things can be responsible for it, and there are also different solutions and answers. However, when you have to deal with such things, keep several important facts in mind so you won’t fall into unhealthy relationships that can affect not only yourself, but also your kids.

People often fall into the wrong concept of unhappy marriage . In reality, there is no such thing as unhappy or happy marriage . It is the people who are happy or unhappy. When you are happy with your relationship, then you will have a happy marriage. But if you are unhappy with things that are going on with your life, then things can get ugly.

There are so many things that are responsible for the turning of your feelings, heart, and commitment. The break of belief, betrayal, change of heart or purpose in life can cause all those issues. Unhappy marriage can be caused by one of you – or even both of you – that have another relationship with other people. Infidelity and cheating are usually one of the main reasons why a marriage can be broken . When one side of the spouse starts to grow another feeling for another person, then the marriage can grow apart. Another spouse will develop the tendency not to believe in everything his/her partner says anymore, and the marriage can break apart. After all, marriage is all about trust, loyalty, and commitment. When one element of it has been missing, then it is likely that the relationship will drift away.

Another thing that can cause an unhappy marriage is the forced situation or need. It is quite often that one spouse likes to force his/her preference, need, and want, so the others will feel helpless. For instance, a husband forbidding his wife to work so she can take care of the house, but the wife is actually against the idea, but still willing to do so. Or a wife that often requires this or that financially, so the husband has to do all kinds of work to provide what she wants. In the end, such situation can make them grow sick and tired having to do whatever their spouses want, and it can cause damages from within, often times, the spouses just suddenly leave or they suddenly snap because of the forced situation. The unhappiness comes from within is like a poison that will contaminate the relationship until all the people involved grow sick and tired of one another.

There are so many different things and approaches that can be done to deal with the unhappy marriage . First, all the people involved can work together to solve the issue. They can go to marriage counselling, or they can develop empathy. If they are involved in infidelity, they can start over and fix the things that have been damaged. If the problem is the lack of tolerance and commitment, they can address it as well. If the problem is the diminishing romance, there are ways to fix it. If the problem is about differences in purpose, point of view, or want, they can work it out and meet in the middle.

The second method is to let everything happens on its own. Some people believe that when they do nothing about it, things will fix themselves in the end… and such way is proven to be right. When kids grow bigger and older, when the job is getting better and more profitable, or when the spouses aren’t too emotional anymore so they can talk about stuffs easily and calmly, things do get better. The marriage which was previously considered horrendous, plain, and unhappy will turn out to be quite okay. The spouses start to make peace with themselves and with their surroundings.

The third one is to end the marriage . Some things simply can’t be fixed, and some unhappy relationships can’t be mended anymore. When this happens, things can end up peacefully or ugly. Some divorces may end up where both parties have reached agreement that they are no longer can be together again, but some divorces may end up in chaos.

People have their own freedom to choose which way and path is the best for them. But they shouldn’t give up so easily just like that. Unhappy marriage means unhappy people, and there are reasons for that unhappiness. They should find out the core of the problems and fix them up, but if those solutions and methods don’t work well… then, splitting up maybe the best option. But they should also remember that their relationship affects a lot of people, including their kids. If divorce inevitable, then try to do it nicely and within civilized manner. Unhappy relationship can be ended without the kids having to see the bad example.

Living in an unhappy marriage is actually stressful and difficult to maintain. However, If you need some proven techniques and strategies to turn your marriage into a happy marriage, I recommend taking a look here at Save My Marriage Today .


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